Saturday, April 24, 2010

Truva guarding her two Pawlicks ( Beef & Liver Mist 68 & 69 ).

Key West, FL

Pawlick and supermodel Rio Temple.

Athens, Greece

Pawlick with Biff Henderson portrait 
( Late Night with David Letterman )

Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pawlick with Playboy piece.  
( Special order for Hugh Hefner's 80th birthday )

Las Vegas, NV

Private Collection of Petrina Olson. 

West Palm Beach, FL

Pawlick portrait of Biff Henderson 
( Late Night with David Letterman. )

New York, NY

Private Collection of the beautiful Rachel ( McBride )  

Private Collection.  ( Key West SPCA silent auction.  2004 )

Private Collection.  

Orlando, FL

Private Collection of Steve & Elaine Wynn.   

Las Vegas, NV.

Private Collection.  

Los Angeles, CA

Private Collection.  

New York, NY